Friday, January 4, 2008

Chapter 3: The Trip (Day 6 - Marina Boulevard, Siloso Beach)

Oh man had such a splendid evening at the Siloso Beach (Sentosa Island). Earlier in the day, I headed to the Microsoft office located at the Marina Boulevard, NTUC building. I met my man and over some chocolate coffee I gazed at the bay views from their cafeteria, you can check that out on the pictures. He told me Singapore is going to host the first F1 race soon and its going to be on the lines of Monaco(street race). Wow that I have to see.

Bid him goodbye and decided to head to the Siloso Beach around 4:30 PM. That was like 15 Mins drive from the hotel. You know I haven’t been to a place that’s more than 20 Mins in a cab from my hotel in the last 7 days. Either the hotel is located centrally or their roads are just too good, no prizes for guessing, it’s the latter.

On to the Siloso Beach, god it felt like the West Indies or the Hawaii Islands, acres of virgin coastline, palm trees, clean water, rock formations, you name it you had it. The crowd was considerably less and I had guessed that since New Years Party was just over on the 31st. Lots of parents and kids having fun splashing in the water. There were quite a few ships docked at a distance since this place was also close to their Harbor. Now there are cafes lined up at the shore and you can chill on their resting beds, order a drink and watch the sun and sand. We saw one place that had a very interesting name, Bikini Bar and sure there were waitresses in Bikini tops and Jeans shorts serving drinks, obviously I got hooked and ordered a drink  I took lots of Beach pictures, feast your eyes on them. I didn’t take pictures of girls in Bikinis coz that’s disrespectful (at least not when they are watching you)

Now coming out of the beach, I saw something called the Jungle Trail and it was leading up to a central point to the Sentosa Theme Parks. There is also something like Bicycle Trail that you can choose to ride around the Park. We go on to the Jungle Trail and man was it spooky or what, thick forest cover and there is only footprint trails, birds chirping loudly, if it had rained, that’s it, we would have to runnn. No animals running wild presumably. It was quite a walk in the wild, havent done that in a while.

The trail brought us to something called a Earth Dragon and this was a stone structure with two RED eyes bulging out. This was looking equally scary. We climbed up to civilization and headed straight to a Pizza Corner. Guys, I highly recommend this place, Sarpino’s Pizzeria. We ended the tour with a hot, spicy, crispy Pizza under the Singapore moonlight. Last time I’ll see this place (Sentosa) and it has given me some wonderful memories to take back. Now there is no cab stop in and around the park and you have to travel a distance downwards and while we were doing that we saw the other attractions, Sky Tower (that gives a birds eye view of the Island), Luge Go-Karting, 4-D CineMagix (4-D Movies) and the list goes on…you don’t want to miss the Sentosa Island on your Itinerary.

Time to packup the bags and fly. Same Itinerary, first to Colombo and then Mumbai. I might shop at the Sri Lanka Duty Free shop not sure but lets see and hopefully if we have Night Stop they are putting us at the Browns Beach and hopefully there is enough light to take pictures of the beach.

Well it’s a wrap here in Singapore guys and now the next post is after reaching home on Friday 01/04 to put down my thoughts on what a blissful journey this has been, I hope this is not the last I see of Singapore. Damn I even know their neighborhoods now. Ciao.

Pictures of Day 6:

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