Friday, January 4, 2008

Chapter 3: The Trip (Day 5 - Chilling out, Off-day)

Well for a change the weather was pleasant. So the only thing we did was chill by the pool and take walks around the hotel and capture the images of streets, buildings, restaurants and side-walks. Our hotel is just opposite to the Raffles Hospital and man the hospital itself looks like a 5-star hotel. It is HUGHEEEEEEE and has a beautiful pond at their entrance with those colored BIG Japanese fishes. It was very soothing to the nerves. Watch it here...

I have a pit-stop to the Microsoft office here to meet someone I have worked with before for the Exchange account. I will then head to either the DHL Hot Air Balloon trip or the Siloso Beach (on Sentosa Island) or both. Will keep you posted.

Pictures of Day 5:

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