Friday, January 4, 2008

Chapter 4: Back Home (SGP-CMB-MUM)

January 4, 2008 – Hi guys, we touched down at Mumbai Airport in the morning today at 2:15 AM.

Well let me catch my breath here. Hmm the total travel time was around 12 hours with 7 hours transit time at Colombo Airport. Seriously I got sick on the flight.

There was another pain, at Singapore airport they just wouldnt allow extra Kgs in your hand luggage (mandate is 7Kgs, 1 bag/per person), when I was coming here the same airlines allowed 9-10 Kgs. Nonsense. Dont carry gel/liquids/toiletries in hand luggage. But you can carry (in plastic bags) any perfume/spirits you buy from the Duty Free shops (I know thats strange). Thats about it.

As I had mentioned I was planning to get some stuff from the Duty Free Shops and so I did, a Swatch watch, a Jack Daniels bottle (for friends...I dont drink) and lots of chocolates. Point to note, liquor is cheap in Colombo and so are the chocolates but the variety in watches was mostly in Singapore Airport. If you are not stingy, you will do just fine.

Looking back, the only thing I can say is if you have arrived on this planet, you cannot leave it before experiencing Singapore. It is just a dream city and getting better with time. I would love to go back anytime and hopefully this time with my own family. I suggest this place strongly for newly weds and couples with young
children, just make sure you are the adventurous types and not intimate types coz really this place is flooded with people from around the world and at times I saw some couples embarrassing themselves in the crowds , I’m sure such couples can find a more suitable place.

The people are warm and very cheerful and chinese girls are quite something, very polite, decent (thought their dressing maybe provocative, don’t judge the book by the cover) and damn can they drive. They were driving some of the most expensive cars in the world and also they are very very very tech-savvy. Well no prizes for guessing that Indians are everywhere and from a people perspective you wont find yourself left out on the streets. Food is edible on the street or hotel (they have something called set lunches that are reasonable). Go easy on shopping and do it in different trips, everything in one go can burn your pockets. On your first trip just go sight-seeing. What can you buy is a no-brainer in Singapore.

On a parting note, I just want to reflect back on my impulsive decision to make this trip and feel so good that I did what I did, except for minor inconveniences. Go ahead guys, make a new year resolution (foreign trip, if you like) and see it through, the satisfaction is unbelievable. Thanks for reading and sticking along, Cheers!!

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